spring fashion illustration lab partners

Spring is here! And with it, allergies. That’s how it is for me every year. A lot of people I know deal with the same thing, and it’s quite unfortunate. Some of us enjoy the outdoors despite them being borderline unbearable. There’s over the counter allergy medicine of course, but you know what? They all make me sleepy. Some of them say that they specifically do not make one sleepy. Well they sure knock me out anyways, let me tell you. I could just as easily use them as sleeping pills. I guess if I’m sleeping I’m not sneezing uncontrollably, if you want to get technical. So I found an article at this site called anipots. I wasn’t really looking for anything health or allergy related, but I ran into it anyways. Maybe a lot of people are writing about it because of season change, I’m not sure. The article talked about different things one can do to combat allergies, and I found a couple options I might just try out. I’ll let you know how it goes! Stay cold in spring with¬†blast auxiliary.