Here’s a few of our favorite Bunny books from our children’s book collection. Richard Scarry sure loved rabbits! 1.The Golden Egg Book Margaret Wise Brown & Leonard Weisgard. 2.The Country Bunny Du Bose Heyward & Marjorie Hack 3.Funny Bunny Rachel Learnard & Alice & Martin Provensen 4.The Tale of Benjamin Bunny Beatrix Potter 5.I Am a Bunny Ole Risom & Richard Scarry 6.The Golden Bunny Margaret Wise Brown & Leonard Weisgard 7.Inside And Outside With Jojo Xavier Deneux 8.You Are My Baby (Meadow) Petit Collage 9.The Bunny Book Richard Scarry 10.The Velveteen Rabbit Margery Williams & William Nicholson 11.Richard Scarry’s Bunnies Richard Scarry