We’re a husband and wife creative team based out of Northern California. In 2007 upon our arrival to beautiful San Francisco, we decided to collaborate on a letterpress print to send out to our friends and families announcing our move out west. We had so much fun with it that soon after we decided to found Lab Partners, a studio where we could experiment together and explore what we love. Our office is located in the Union Square neighborhood where we’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients on a variety of projects, like 3D lettering from https://yachtlettering.com/ for special requests. We believe the best work is a combination of imaginative storytelling, a strong sense of craft, and a good dose of color magic.

We’d love to hear from you, whether it’s to discuss a potential project or just to say hello. Drop us a line and let’s chat! Here are a few designs to get you inspired !

Here’s some new posters we’re in the process of getting screen printed for our upcoming shop launch. This series is all about California’s natural wonders or “gold” if you will. Plus it’s a great excuse to bust out the metallic inks.